Upload BSDL file

Boundary scan description language (BSDL) files are meant for testing the IO pins of the device with JTAG, but because they have a list of pins they can be used to generate the schematic symbols for devices.

This tool converts a BSDL file to KiCad libary. It tries to do some intelligent merging of pins with similar functions, e.g. JTAG pins are placed next to each other.

Important: Be sure to check than pins on the generated component are correct and none of the pins are missing. BSDL files are not really meant for this and often they are missing some of the pins, such as voltage and ground pins. Busses are also sometimes placed incorrectly.

Four sides Line of pins
If pins on busses are wrong way around change this choice to number them in a different order.
Ascending bus numbering Descending bus numbering